BFC Executive Board

The Bible Fellowship Church is governed by an Executive Board consisting of 12 members elected from the BFC Conference in order to provide leadership and goverance during the time when the BFC Conference is not in session.  The Executive Board consists of an Executive Director, ratified by the BFC Conference, to provide leadership and direct the daily operations of the Board and the BFC Conference. The BFC Executive Board normally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month.  The members of the Executive Board, elected for the 2015/2016 Conference year are:

Name Title Position in the BFC
Robert A. Sloan President Pastor, Calvary BFC, Sinking Spring, PA
Randall A. Grossman Vice President Pastor, Grace BFC, Reading, PA
David T. Allen Executive Director Former Pastor, Cedar Crest BFC, Allentown, PA
Ronald L. Kohl Board Secretary Pastor, Grace BFC, Quakertown, PA
Dennis M. Cahill Finance Committee Pastor, Christ Community Church, Piscataway, NJ
Steven J. DelDuco Pastor, Grace BFC, Harrisburg, PA
Charles A. Lavigna Health Insurance Coordinator, Finance Committee Elder, Grace BFC, Reading, PA
L. James Roberts Personnel Committee Chairman Elder, Grace BFC, Quakertown, PA
William G. Schloenecker Pastor, Newark BFC, Newark, DE
John W. Sullivan Treasurer, Finance Committee Chairman Elder, Saucon BFC
Hans R. Waldvogel Personnel Committee Elder, New Life Bible Church, Carmel, NY
Rick D. Witmer Elder, Cedar Crest BFC

Other Positions in the BFC

Name Position
Ralph M. Soper Conference Pastor
Dana E. Weller Senior Saints Resource Coordinator

Directors of BFC Departments

Director Department
Duane E. Moyer Board of Missions
David E. Gundrum Church Extension
Douglas J. Manwiller Victory Valley Camp